Old Style Leagues, inc.


State Licensed Company established in Summer of 2003.  The FALL 2014 season will mark the beginning of  our 45TH season of providing QUEENS Men’s Recreational Weeknight Indoor Basketball all year round. 

The purpose of our business is to provide: low cost, recreational and quality basketball for all levels of play.  Our unique scheduling formula is both customer friendly (play on days you select... against teams of similar skill level) and exciting as regular season parity comes to a climax in a wide open "NCAA STYLE" tournament (Cash prizes/over $1200.00 in prizes handed out every season).
With board members present at all games along with three certified officials and an off court scorekeeper, Old Style pays careful attention to the players safety and enjoyment.  Also with our hands on approach and every team makes the playoffs system, forfeits are few and far between. 

The fee structure for payment is set up for loyal customers: the longer you play with Old Style... the cheaper your discounted league fee will be.  We provide a variety of weekly contests to supplement league play.  Come take part in this growing viable league! Old Style Leagues will be always for RECREATIONAL BASKETBALL. Any player that cannot except this philosophy should not play in this type of league. Players who show or have shown unsportsmanlike conduct will no longer be permitted to join on any future team or participate in any upcoming seasons.



Old Style Leagues are:

*  Glenn O.     President (516) 994-3232
*  Lenny W. (SPIDER) Special Representative (347) 954-1647